Save Our World – Production

Save Our World – Production


On Sunday January 22nd 2017, M.Y.P.A.C in collaboration with Jade’s Hip Hop Academy Performance Company performed a sample of the SAVE OUR WORLD – IT’S NOT TOO LATE Production to a STANDING OVATION at the Fleck Dance Theatre in Toronto.

The show featured six pieces performed by dancers ages 8-20 addressing a cross section of World and Social Issues including Climate Change – fossil fuels vs. Renewable Energy, the Power and Pressures of Social Media on Body Image and Self Love, Aboriginal Issues including the alarming statistics on missing aboriginal women and environmental effects of Pipelines, Rising above fear and Doubt to succeed and Equality.

Our Goal is to use the Universal Language of Art to educate our audiences on key causes and how they affect the Future of our World and inspire our audiences to take action and make a difference. By working with Young Artists not only are we developing their talent, we are simultaneously developing future role models, leaders, mentors and agents of change to make a positive impact in our communities and our world.

On Wednesday October 4th 2017 the Rose Theatre in Brampton has agreed to provide us a stage to produce a hour and a half version of our Production allowing us to perform pieces addressing far more issues such as poverty, bullying, pollution, war, mental health, Violence and corruption and utilize the entire scope of the Performing Arts Disciplines.


We know that that by adding musicians, vocalists, spoken word, acting, film and animation, graphic design, visual art, photography, costume, and make up design, set design and props to dance that it will strengthen our visual presentation and help make our messages far more powerful. It also allows us to achieve our mission of establishing a collaborative network of young artists to give a powerful platform to, to showcase their talent in a socially conscious way AND we can utilize our network of established artists on our team to mentor and guide them.

Art is intrinsic to any culture but as powerful and moving as it is, it is also a sector where practitioners and professionals are often taken advantage of, underpaid or not paid at all.

We intend to perform 15 to 20 Pieces, 4 to 5 minutes in length with a range of 10 to 35 emerging and established artists in each piece. Therefore we are hoping to have a modest budget of $3,000-$5,000 per piece to cover artist fees, costumes, music production, supporting film and graphic design and set design and props. Hence why our overall target goal is $55,000.


Wondering what the final product will look like? If you have not already seen the video footage from our preview show, head over to our Gallery section to view the videos and pictures. BEFORE you do we want you to imagine the more powerful impact each of those pieces will have if supported by film and graphics to give visuals to the causes we are performing about and the utilization of technology in props and cross collaboration of live music, singing and drama.

One more thing that is Different about our Production will be the opportunity to become connected right away with organizations, corporations, charities and fellow non profits that are working hard to improve the causes that we address in our pieces. Before, during and after the performance you will be introduced to outstanding individuals  and collectives doing amazing things. Meaning that you will not only walk away from our show inspired but have the ability to find ways of taking action right away.

If you have already seen our work and like what you see then we hope that like us, you believe that children are the key to our future and that with a Production like this has to power to inspire and change many lives.

Our GOAL after October 4th is to have this show go on Tour across Ontario and then Canada to educate and inspire audience across the province and our country. Members of the Theatre communities across the province will be in attendance at the show


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